I’m Rob Simpson, a UI/UX designer and front-end developer from Oxfordshire, UK



Behind every design or development project is a business problem that needs solving. I work closely with my clients to discover the problem and help come up with a solution for their business; because the biggest risk is building the wrong thing.


My skills span from understanding how users comprehend your web presence to designing beautiful interfaces with these insights in mind and bringing them to life by building performant, maintainable and accessible websites.

My experience

A look at the experience I’ve gained over the past 7+ years whilst working at agencies and software companies across the UK.

  1. Big Table

    Front-End Developer20122013
  2. Codeweavers

    Front-End Developer20122014
  3. Ridgeway

    UI Developer20142016
  4. Syndicut

    Creative Developer20162020
  5. Freelance

    UI/UX Developer2013Present

Clients I’ve helped

A small selection of clients I’ve helped over the years whilst working at agencies across Oxfordshire.

What I’m currently...

An insight into what I’m currently doing, reading and listening to – ranging from development to business and health.

Working on

  • Working on projects at Syndicut, ranging from Gatsby and Prismic implementations to developing pattern libraries and designing UIs in Figma
  • Developing a Gatsby and DatoCMS boilerplate, a Gatsby and Prismic boilerplates and a Figma design boilerplate to help kickstart projects and improve efficiency

Reading / listening to

Technologies I use

JAMstack technologies I use to push your business forward.