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Helping Klarian transition from WordPress to the Jamstack and a complete brand overhaul.

Klarian (previously Dashboard) were looking to rebuild their website with the goal of making it clearer to potential investors what they do.

Their previous website was built on WordPress and they began having problems managing it as time went on. On top of this, they experienced major security shortcomings from being on the WordPress platform.

I was brought onboard to build the new Klarian website using Jamstack technologies. By removing the database layer and vulnerabilities that come with WordPress plugins we were able to create a statically generated site served through various CDNs across the world – all of which reduced their potential for attack.

I also supported Klarian nearly 2 years later as they went through a total rebrand – from Dashboard to Klarian.

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    72% decrease in CO2 per view
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    88% eco score
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    ~0.2g - 0.6g CO2e per view
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    Green hosting
  • Gatsby
  • Prismic
  • Netlify
  • Storybook
  • Mailchimp
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We are delighted with the outcome. It is a step-change from our previous website, and we can highly recommend Rob for his approach / web technology expertise / and all-around delivery.

Bryon Lowen Programme Manager at Dashboard
With text content being the bread and butter of Klarian’s website – presenting it in a visually interesting way can be difficult. But with a solid layout and a great foundation for typography, it comes across perfectly.
The core pages on Klarian were designed and built to work effortlessly. The main heading for a section is highlighted with a blue border at the top, subsequent secondary headings within that section are smaller and have a grey border. But for a content editor to create this somewhat complex-looking layout is simple, just add a heading and choose if it’s the main heading or secondary and everything is taken care of!

Rob made updating our website as we rebranded easy. He adapted to the new brand brilliantly and we’re thrilled with the outcome. Rob worked with us to get to the final result, he answered all our questions clearly, and it was a really collaborative and enjoyable process.

Robyn Eveson Commercial Manager at Klarian
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