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Stryve was designed to help people reduce their carbon footprint through cooking. The site includes a cooking mode to simplify the cooking process, carbon rating badges, estimated emissions, and more.

Stryve was designed and built with the Minimum Viable Product (MPV) in mind.

The goal was to build and launch the essentials first, but with an understanding of the bigger picture.

This meant understanding what features would be needed further down the line and making sure what was built initially would scale as the project grew.

Thought was also given to how time could be saved when adding content (especially recipes the core content type for the website).

Either by taking care of it at a code level or building up a library of reusable information in the CMS which could be updated in a single place.

Two examples include:

  • An ingredient – contains nutritional information, which when added to a recipe will automatically calculate the total for that meal
  • A product – is used as a utensil on a recipe, a product on the shop page and as a feature in a blog review with all information pulled from this single source
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    96% eco score
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    ~0.1 - 0.3g CO2e per view
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    Green hosting
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I love your work, I’ve become a regular visitor of Stryve. It has convinced me to try out more vegan recipes and so far everyone’s a fan.

Chris DruryStryve user
Ever tried following a recipe on mobile? Constantly scrolling up and down between ingredients and the step you’re on – well that’s why I created cooking mode, no more scrolling up and down to see how many leeks you need!
There’s nothing worse than landing on a blog post to be greeted with a wall of text. Introducing, audio versions of a post generated by AI and product overviews for skim readers – something for everybody.
Our food choices play a major role in climate change, whether vegan or not, incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet is a good thing. This landing page highlights some of the problems with our current food system and how Stryve aims to solve and bring that information to light.
There are so many ways we can all do our bit to help the planet – some more obvious than others so these hints can help others with the obvious and not-so-obvious!
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