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Rob really understood the value of a great user experience and looked at how page transitions and animations could enhance this. Optimisation was also a key part of the build. By compressing content, minimising the amount of plug-ins used and cross device testing he was able to deliver a modern, unique and responsive website.

Developing a campaign website to attract the next generation of pioneers at NTU

Nottingham Trent UniversityCase study coming soon
Nottingham Trent University campaign desktop and mobile website design

Creating a user-led platform for employees to discover everything happening at Harwell Campus

Harwell HubCase study coming soon
Harwell Hub desktop and mobile website design

Empowering Allen Associates content editors with a component driven website

Allen AssociatesCase study coming soon
Allen Associates desktop and mobile website design

Streamlining Penlons sales process by moving their medical equipment quotation process online

PenlonCase study coming soon
Penlon desktop and mobile website design