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I worked with Etcho to create a high-converting, low-impact website for the conscious investor. With an 88% decrease in CO2 per view and a move to green hosting, the website is now in touch with their customers' morals.

With the release of their app in mid-2022 Etcho needed a marketing site that promoted it effectively but at the same time could capture user interest ahead of time.

On top of that, they also wanted the site to match their values and so it needed to have a low-carbon footprint and run on renewable energy.

Following the success of their launch, later in 2022, we added a new offering aimed at financial investors as they had received a lot of interest from those in the financial sector to use this information when making investments.

This meant rolling out a new landing page (utilising much of what had been built the first time around) and a contact form for capturing leads.

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    88% decrease in CO2 per view
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    97% eco score
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    ~0.18g CO2e per view
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    Green hosting
  • NextJS
  • Prismic
  • Cloudflare Pages
    Cloudflare Pages
  • Storybook
  • Sendin Blue
    Sendin Blue
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The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) play a vital role in Etcho’s recommendation as to whether a company meets the criteria you care most about.
An extension of their brand, the sunset illustration plays nicely into the meaning of Etcho – Etso which translates to “tomorrow” in Ewe, the language of the Valta region in Ghana. And just as life is not static, we breathed life into the illustration with parallax layering on scroll and spinning turbines.
Using Prismic under the hood for content management – we only needed a small number of content types for their content needs (which we could easily extend as their needs evolve).
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