Surprising results from posting to Dribbble for 1 month

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For the past month, I’ve been posting to Dribbble 6 days a week.

I didn’t have any expectations from posting this often – I just had a massive backlog of design work that I needed to put somewhere and I figured Dribbble was the best place for it.

I’ve been a member of Dribbble since the early days (around 2012/2013) but I never posted consistently.

I’m quite shocked at the results I saw from posting so often, if you’d like to check out my work you can see it on my Dribbble profile.

Now let’s take a look at some numbers.

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Number of followers

At the start of the month, I had 1083 followers, after a month of posting 6 days a week I now have 1115 follows.

That’s an increase of 32 followers – not groundbreaking by any means, but still a decent increase.

After posting to Dribbble for a month I gained 32 new followers

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Number of shot views

Over the month, my design work has been viewed 78,202 times.

On my lowest days, I was getting around 1000 shot views and on my highest day, I got 6850.

Before all of this (considering I wasn’t posting any work), I was getting on average around 300 views a day.

After posting to Dribbble for a month my designs were viewed 78,202 times

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Number of likes

In terms of likes I received, I got 1,016 likes – most of which were for the shots I uploaded during that month with a small number being liked on some of my older work.

After posting to Dribbble for a month my designs recieve 1,016 likes

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Number of profile visits

This number took a while to grow, but in total, I received 376 profile visits.

Before this, I was getting no more than 3 profile visits a day.

But posting consistently meant that I started getting around 5-15 visits a day with a spike in week 2-3 where I was getting 20-40 visits a day.

After posting to Dribbble for a month my profile was visited 376 times

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Number of work enquiries

I had zero expectations of getting any work enquiries off the back of posting for a month – considering in the past I’ve received only a handful throughout an entire year.

But in the first week of posting, I had 2 work enquiries come through. Then in week three, I had another one come in.

The current status of those projects:

  • The first one I had a meeting with the client, got the initial payment sent through and have started working on the wireframes for the project
  • The second project, I’ve also had a meeting with the client and am in the proposal stage of the project
  • The third project is in the pipeline and due to start on the 7th of September (when I officially start freelancing on a full-time basis)

After posting to Dribbble for a month I recieved 3 work enquiries

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What now? 🤔

I can say that my expectations have been massively exceeded. I thought I’d get a few more followers but nothing more – definitely not any work enquiries (which is the ultimate goal of all of this).

Going forward, I plan on posting to Dribbble on a more consistent basis but probably not 6 days a week.

I’ll probably look to share 3-4 shots a week as all of the work I post on Dribbble is of real projects and I plan on keeping it that way.

Rob Simpson

Freelance UI/UX designer and front-end developer